Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My 12/12/12

I spent Wednesday morning, December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) on the beach at Port Royal, Jamaica. I made an airport drop off and made my way to the nearby Port Royal (long time pirate haunt) instead of back to Kingston straight way. I had not been beachcombing in a while but this morning I did so much more; I ate my 'original' papaya by a boat on the beach, then I took off my shoes to get more connected with the earth and scrunched up my toes in the black sands as I walked along taking pictures intermittently as I picked up the bounty from the beach. This was my absolutely best beachcombing exercise as far as I could remember.
I found lots of shells and other stuff as I walked further and further and had many new ideas as the sea crashed into the shore and washed over my bare feet and legs. I passed a few people along the way, walking/exercising/fishing; they all said good morning and I responded in kind. (Good manners is apparently easier on an empty beach.) There were also lots of dogs, some with people and some by themselves.

I will try to post pictures of my 12/12/12 finds at a later date, but this was just a quickie post to document the day before it ends. My body aches and I'm very tired but I think my two hour long beach jaunt was well worth it. I should do this more often and I would certainly reccommend it as a healthy habit to commune with nature and you never know what you might find. Stay tuned!