Saturday, 22 September 2012

In search of Healthy

I'm on a search for healthy. I've been on the search for a while now but I haven't really found it yet. Maybe it's the journey that counts. I've found some interesting things along the way and I've even tried some.

I've also been trying to go green or become greener for a while now and I think the two concepts are somehow intertwined, hence my 'Healthy Green Blog'. I believe that if one could go completely green one would be healthy but it would be practically impossible to do in the here and now of the modern world. Maybe if I lived on the moon; I assume there's no pollution or any humans creating pollution there but we have to work with what we have; so I'm attempting to go green and become healthy in the suburbs of Kingston, Jamaica otherwise called St. Andrew.

Good health is a fragile thing. If you have it,you need to cherish it because it's pretty scarce. One's health is impacted by so many things, the things we eat, where we live, what we do for a living, how we live and play, the things we did in the past, our ancestors and much more.

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