Saturday, 22 September 2012

Merging Saturday Morning Market into Healthy Green

I have been very occasionally writing a blog about shopping at the Coronation Market, downtown Kingston, Jamaica since 2008; but since then I've become interested in a lot more things than just buying greener food, so I'm starting a new blog that will incorporate most of my new interests without abandoning the old. 


"On A Mission" (In Search Of Healthy)

Ever since being diagnosed with 'Graves Disease/Hyperthyroidism'  a few years ago I have been in search of 'healthy'; new ways of living well on a much larger scale than before. (See previous post originally written in November, 2011)  I believe Health & Wellness go hand in hand with Green Living hence the new title, "Healthy Green" will cover most of my new and older interests of wellness and greenness.
Food is a large part of the new mission, so I'm eating mostly green (plant based food), sometimes raw and hopefully always healthy. This of course means making most of my own food, a daunting prospect, but with some preparation can be accomplished most of the time. Like everything else, it's a work in progress. Also, finding, using and sometimes producing healthy green products is another area of interest that I have delved into as the search continues.  I invite you on this journey of green health and wellness. It will be one of discovery as the steps are not set in stone but will need to be deciphered in the shifting of the sands as I walk along the edge of the water where the waves come in and rearrange the scape of the beach. 

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